Euripides’ Trojan Women – August 2018 – Montclair, NJ

Helen, Menelaus, Talthybius, Hecuba
l. to r.: Helen (Dixie Carroll), Menelaus (Ben Izlar, Jr.), Talthybius (Jack Waller), Hecuba (Alexa Teebo)

Our first production!

Our dramatic staged reading of Trojan Women (in Richmond Lattimore’s translation, used courtesy of Chicago University Press) on August 30, 7pm, at the Montclair Public Library, Montclair, NJ, was well attended and warmly received by about 40 audience members. Many thanks to the Library, especially Molly Hone and Jill DeMarco, who attended to all our dramatic needs.

Hecuba and the Chorus
Hecuba (right) and the Chorus: Dixie Carroll, Kristen Bryfogle, Giuliana Carr



The incredible cast: Alexa Teebo (Hecuba), Dixie Carroll (Helen), Giuliana Carr (Andromache), Ashley Marie Bombino (Cassandra) and Kristen Bryfogle (Chorus Leader) deserve kudos for gorgeous singing and impressive and emotive acting; also a big hand to Kristen for her beautiful melodies; to Ben Izlar Jr (Menelaus) for his over the top villainous but still human and moving portrayal of Helen’s jilted husband; and of course to the gods — Lizzie Engelberth (Athene), whose sensitive and dramatic percussion ornamentation really heightened the drama, and Joey Palazzo (Poseidon) for his beautifully sly and suave reading of that slippery god.

Poseidon and Athena
Poseidon and Athena

Special thanks and applause go to Jack Waller (Talthybius), who stepped up at the eleventh hour to swoop in with a sophisticated and sensitive reading of that key figure, the Greek military herald caught between pity and duty at the end of the Trojan War.

The staging included music created by Kristen Bryfogle and Jeri Fogel, and sung by Kristen, Dixie Carroll, Giuliana Carr, Lizzie Engelberth, and Ashley Bombino. Percussion and other effects were created by Lizzie Engelberth.

A warm welcome also to Ashlee Morel, our new Literary Director, who compiled a wonderful display on the modern international refugee and migration crises, and a great list of organizations working for refugee and migrant rights and advocacy (Trojan Women Immigration Handout).

Stay tuned for photographs from the performance by Joanna Madloch, soon to be posted in this space!

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